Vintage 1930's Engagement Shoot

We truly had an amazing time on this shoot.  We assembled a fantastic team of friends who made us feel so comfortable, and at times we felt as if we really were meeting for the first time in 1931….

  • Vintage 1930's Engagement Photoshoot
  • A bit of Harlem Renaissance charm!
  • Our shared love of literature made it easy to fall in love...
  • I love how focused he is...
  • I love
  • I'm truly marrying my best friend!
  • A lifetime of love, laughter, and faith awaits us...

Omo & Eu Chicago


The sights, sounds, and flavors of Chicago were amazing!  Our friend Sotirios hooked us up with tickets to see “The Wheel” at Steppenwolf Theatre.  Great show, with lot’s of layers to pull away and interpret.  However, we didn’t spend too long delving into the world of theatrical interpretation, because the fantastic array of foods beckoned our noses, and pulled at out our waistlines.  The food, the food, the food!  Fantastic flavors indeed!

Omo & Eu Denver


Omo & Eu Venice


Despite the cold (end of January visit), Venice did not disappoint.  We arrived on the opening day of Carnivale, and we were greeted with an overwhelming array of Venetian masks, outdoor concerts, and river parades.  Of course we took advantage of classic tourist activities like a trip to the Opera at the Musica Palazzo, walking the winding canal streets, museum tours, and a COLD journey up the Campanile di San Marco tower (amazing views, but not recommended in Jan).

Omo & Eu Lagos


Omo & Eu Oslo


Oslo!  If you haven’t read “Our Story” on the home page, then please stop here, go back, and read first.  No explanation needed  :)

Omo & Eu Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Que Pasa? That’s about the only Spanish Omo knows. However, an inability to speak the local lingo did nothing to dampen this amazing experience. The wedding of a dear cousin provided the perfect opportunity to experience this eco-friendly jewel of Central America. Early morning runs on pristine beaches,  zip lining adventures over beautiful tropical rain forest canopies by day and great food and company at night were simply a backdrop to the most beautiful part of the trip, the joining of two very special people. Pura Vida!

Omo & Eu London

London Misc.